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AO Smith – Over 145 years of integrity, innovation and customer trust

For more than 145 years, the AO Smith brand is known for a wide range of solutions and hundreds of inventions and inventions in application technology that bring not only comfort but also convenience. On the path of its enduring success, through historical milestones, outstanding achievements of AO Smith are marked and contributed by individuals and collectives of AO Smith united together. build.

With the principle of “Integrity – Innovation – Customer Trust”, AO collectiveSmith always ensures the prosperity of the company and looks forward to more than 145 years of sustainable success.



A. O. Smith's vision is to become the world’s leading supplier of advanced and effective water heating and water purifying products, bringing outstanding values ​​to customers and maximizing profits for shareholders.


For reach our goal, we will:

    Focus on high growth rate markets Winning the leading position in all market segments we do business. Bringing the reliable, effective and continuous improving products to bring outstanding values ​​to customers. Using the world's best equipment and facilities in the process of manufacturing and distributing, creating high quality products and services, superior technology. Won trust from customers by providing the most valuable and most prominent services. Preserve our reputation and preserve our brand's promises. Create a professional working environment to attract and develop talents around the world.



A. O. Smith relies on these guiding principles as a guide for conducting all business activities and interacting with customers, employees and the community.


As of 2020, AO Smith Group owns 17 brands. For more information on other AO Smith brands please visit the brand-specific Web pages by clicking here. on the logos below:

We provide products with reputable brands, reliable services in which the value brought to customers is the top concern. We also provide a system of water dispenser products. high-performance, energy-efficient heaters for our customers.


  • 2004
    The world's first asymmetric RO membrane technology device.

  • 2005
    World's first tankless RO water purifier

  • 2006
    High-capacity pumpless RO water purifier with 125GPD.

  • 2008
    The world's first advanced RO membrane coil water purifier.

  • 2009
    The RO water purifier with the highest water recovery rate in the world.

  • 2010
    The world's first RO – Side Stream water purifier.


During the years, with continuous improvement in technology, AO Smith has received many valuable international awards.

One of them The awards can be mentioned such as: Outstanding product among 101 products evaluated by Professional Builder magazine, Most Valuable Product award in 2011, 2 times won excellent design award for equipment Design of the Year, Innovative Water Heater Product of the Year in North America and Top Brand Award by Builder Magazine, In addition, Top 50 Outstanding Products, Gold Award for Consulting Engineer and Product Research part of the year are entries AO Smith also won in 2011 and 2008.

Professional Builder 101 Best New Products — 2011
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Head Office in The USA

No 11270 West Park Place, Suite 170 P. O. Box 245008 Milwaukee, WI 53224
+62 202 555 0117 For more info:

Head Office in Vietnam

Address: 12th Floor,
Harec Building, 4A Lang Ha,
Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
Hotline: 1800 – 1228 Free call (Mon-Sun: 8h-12h & 13h-17h): 1800 – 1228